Sunday, March 21, 2010

Google Chrome is my hero

I currently do all my work on my laptop. OK fine. On my NETBOOK.

I have a tiny, tiny  Acer netbook. While portable and so much faster than my previous 6 year old laptop monster, browsing the internet on the 8 inch screen takes more than a little getting used to- mainly because of the way various browsers display webpages and the fact that I always have to scroll  to see anything on any webpage.

I tried IE, then, after a week, Safari. After a few weeks of Safari (and  a bit of Mac envy) I went to Firefox (a longtime favorite of my Dad's) and stayed there for almost 9 months. But still, scrolling was painful and Firefox kept crashing despite frequent updates to the software. 

I downloaded Google Chrome the other night, cause I thought it couldn't suck any more that the other browsers.

It turns out, it's awesome. Really. Fast, consistent and looks good on my tiny 8 inch netbook screen. Also has some cool add-ons that make work faster and better looking. Really. Pages display differently.Easier to read. Less scrolling and re-sizing pages.

Also, it links to google mail. I did a little dance and happily said goodbye to working with outlook.I never was a fan of outlook.I guess it's because I've always had multiple email accounts...

Thank you, nerds who created Google Chrome. 

Now I need to make my two ipods and itunes talk to each other. Why can't they all get along? I have failed in all attempts to move my playlist  and ipod permissions from my old computer to my new computer. Gonna go work on that now.

I need a mac genius. 

See Y'all.

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