Thursday, March 25, 2010

My headshots have been found!

After waiting since November and thinking they were lost for good, I now have 60 shots from my photo shoot last fall to work with. Now, if the universe can reward all my hard work looking for a job with rent money (or a JOB) today would be perfecto.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sitting in the sunshine

Perfect weather again. 60s and sunny. Drinking coffee and contemplating going all the way downtown in a few hours for a lecture on Karma.

Meditating on the subject of meditation and the four principles of Buddhism. I need to do some research on the timeline of world religions.

Just as it is the job of a two year old child to dump out containers full of objects whenever they come across them, it must be the job of 9 year old boys to take sticks and smash things with them. The neighbor's child is currently smashing the downed fence in our back yard with a fallen tree limb taller than he. The sound of his destruction, though loud, cannot top the volume level of his mother screaming for him to stop from somewhere deep in their apartment. Moms are amazing that way.

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Google Chrome is my hero

I currently do all my work on my laptop. OK fine. On my NETBOOK.

I have a tiny, tiny  Acer netbook. While portable and so much faster than my previous 6 year old laptop monster, browsing the internet on the 8 inch screen takes more than a little getting used to- mainly because of the way various browsers display webpages and the fact that I always have to scroll  to see anything on any webpage.

I tried IE, then, after a week, Safari. After a few weeks of Safari (and  a bit of Mac envy) I went to Firefox (a longtime favorite of my Dad's) and stayed there for almost 9 months. But still, scrolling was painful and Firefox kept crashing despite frequent updates to the software. 

I downloaded Google Chrome the other night, cause I thought it couldn't suck any more that the other browsers.

It turns out, it's awesome. Really. Fast, consistent and looks good on my tiny 8 inch netbook screen. Also has some cool add-ons that make work faster and better looking. Really. Pages display differently.Easier to read. Less scrolling and re-sizing pages.

Also, it links to google mail. I did a little dance and happily said goodbye to working with outlook.I never was a fan of outlook.I guess it's because I've always had multiple email accounts...

Thank you, nerds who created Google Chrome. 

Now I need to make my two ipods and itunes talk to each other. Why can't they all get along? I have failed in all attempts to move my playlist  and ipod permissions from my old computer to my new computer. Gonna go work on that now.

I need a mac genius. 

See Y'all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bad economy in NYC = People want to rip you off

So my audition today turned out to be one of the common scams in the NYC entertainment community at the moment. A "Casting Director" calls you in for an audition and then says that your headshots aren't up to their standards and you need to meet with their photographer and use their resume service before they can send out your material. All for a fee, of course.

Blah blah blah. Complain complain. At least I didn't fall for it.

But it does make me tired.

Tomorrow I am going to see what meditation and karma is all about. While down in Chinatown I hope to get some dumplings Might pick up a year of the tiger good luck charm of some sort and see if Pearl River has my teacups in yet. I only have one and I've been waiting for over a year for them to get just a new shipment in.

I might even stroll through Soho to look window shop the spring clothing collections. I haven't bought anything in months and months. Shopping isn't fun without a paycheck.. But unfortunately I do need new shoes. The heating pipe on the floor in my closet melted the soles of two pairs of boots this winter.

I was thinking of playing my guitar and singing in the subway. I wonder if you need some kind of permit for that.

It's official, the 2nd Annual Easter/Oyster Potluck has been scheduled- April 4th @ 2ish. Maybe we'll have belgian waffles again if I can talk D & P into it. Maybe we'll have a shrimp boil.  Or maybe I'll make gumbo with my grandma's recipe.

Hoping that my local CSA will let me have a 1/2 or 1/3 share of a box of veggies this year. Waiting on a confirmation email from the farm.CSA shares are a great way to get my greenmarket veggies for less money now that I am unemployed.  The CSA box feeds 3 people and I am currently very single and my cat won't eat chard. Oh please, powers that be, let me have veggies June- November for 175 bucks. Please.

There is a gigantor party going on somewhere in my building right now. It sounds fun.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello there

Today I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for a job, as I've done for months and months now.

The weather was glorious, and yet, I still didn't make it outside. Let me rephrase that. I was sitting working all day next to my wide open sliding glass door. My little studio apt kinda turns into a back porch when the door is open. But, I kinda didn't leave my apartment. Again.

The grass is growing in the back yard and my cat has started to bring me little half dead animals. It must be spring. And to think the snowpocalypse and snowicane were mere weeks ago...

So tomorrow is yet another audition and then some free entertainment. Sunday I plan on trying out Buddhist meditation and a class on karma.

Next week I will get my free hair cut and free tax prep. Working on some free food. It takes a lot of spare time but I am trying to take advantage of all the free stuff available while I have lots of time and no money.

Enough for the first post. I want to go take a walk and my eyes are hurting from staring at this tiny, tiny laptop.

see y'all