Saturday, April 24, 2010

24 HR Film Race

So. Last night a bunch of people crowded into an apartment in Washington Heights (146th street and St. Nicholas in Manhattan) and started filming a movie. We tried to figure out who we were and launched into various scenes. We had the strangest blitzkrieg-style filming of a drunken hook-up scene in a bar (I was the friend trying to keep it from happening) and then they went on to film the  morning after-type-aftermath. After the initial panic about the amount of improv involved and realizing I had no control over the final product, I tried to just BE in the crazy bar, react and improv through the bare bones style script..And I guess we were doing a good job because the drunk people kept wandering into the shots not knowing we were filming. Somewhere in the city my team of filmmakers is busy editing and adding music and credits. Next weekend I'll be up on the big screen in a movie theatre downtown. Frightening but awesome.

Tomorrow I am recording more songs with my band. That's my happy place.

See Y'all

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