Saturday, May 1, 2010

Swiss Chard Soup?

My friend Mandi gave me a bunch of veggies to eat (her fridge was overflowing) and so I am getting ready to  experiment with cooking swiss chard and collard greens. I know. I am southern and should have cooked collards before now- but I haven't. Until today, that is. So after searching through my recipe books I have decided to make some soup and maybe a pasta sauce with all those greens. Now to find a use for giant bags of carrots and celery...

My big screen debut is tomorrow night. I have convinced myself to go. It is going to be very strange to see my face that huge.

I am still getting use to hearing my own voice on my band's mp3s.

Had some good and bad interviews in the past few weeks. If nothing else, this  job search process has been an adventure. I really have been lucky to never have had to deal with feeling like the universe is against me before. I guess, previously, I have been doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Or, as some people have been telling me, I am still doing exactly what I need to be doing even though it feels like I'm stuck in a holding pattern. I am just trying to let go and trust that I will be taken care of somehow  if I live my life the right way and take care of those around me the best way I can. There is a lot more to life than money - and I think I lost sight of that in the Financial District, and took having enough money to be comfortable and healthy for granted.

I have some great interviews lined up over the next two weeks covering the worlds of admin work, modeling and acting. If I can work part time, keep doing films and sing with my band I'd be perfectly happy.

See y'all

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